Is 3D Printing Food Safe?

Creating food using 3D printers is common these days. Most people have seen 3D printing on many edible foods at local fast-food chains. However, many questions if the food created by 3D printers when ingested by humans are safe. 

To answer such, you should understand the meaning of safe when it comes to foods. There are two parts to food safety. One of them is “Food Safety.” In other words, does the food item have any pathogens that may make you sick? Many pathogens can be found in raw food, and it’s just normal to be wary of such before ingesting them. The second part of food safety is “Preparation and Handling.” On the other hand, food preparation involves handling food from preparation to cooking. If improperly handled, raw food may lead to contamination with bacteria and other foreign organisms.

Is it possible for me to eat something created by a 3D printer?

Well, several types of food can be created with a 3D printer depending on its model. While a laserjet printer may only print out plastic items, other types of printers can be used. It’s not uncommon for food manufacturers to include 3D printing as part of their production process.

The reason why food manufactured by a laser jet printer or a CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine is considered “safe” by some people is that it uses the eco-friendly energy to create the product. The energy from these machines is much more environmentally friendly than the power generated by other machines. Since the energy is being used so minimally, the resulting product is also considered healthier because it doesn’t contain any hazardous contaminants. 

Reasons Eating Food Manufactured By 3D Printers Is Safe

There are two reasons people consider food produced using a CNC or other type of machine to be safe. First, it’s unlikely that any of the contaminants in the food will reach your body and cause sickness.

Second, because the food is not heated to high temperatures, you’re assured that any food particles or pathogenic organisms that may enter your body would not survive or multiply.

Thus, foods from 3D printing are considered healthy.

So the next time you ask, “Is 3D printing food safe?” remember the simple truth: the answer is yes, it’s very safe for you.


Moreover, here are some tips to keep your food even safer after being manufactured by a 3D printer:

  • Always consult your doctor before purchasing such products, especially if your health is a bit sensitive. It’s best to ask your doctor whether the food or the machine is safe for you.
  • Once you’ve found food made using a CNC or other machine, store the food properly. Many machines today come with refrigeration units, but make sure that you understand how to keep them. Never place the food directly on the machine.
  • Food that has not been stored properly will tend to become rancid and begin to lose its nutritional value. Remember, the best way to ensure the freshness of any food is to keep it properly.

The Bottom Line

Share what you’ve learned how safe 3D printing food so people won’t hesitate to eat food manufactured from these machines. 

Thus, if someone asks you if 3D Printing food is safe, remember the answer is yes, it’s safe for you!

Is 3D Printing Food Safe?
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