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Product Description

A complete printer with a power unit compliant with CE standards. Easy to use with Polish and English interface and intuitive software. Thanks to the rigid frame made entirely of aluminium and automatic belt pulls it provides an incredible print accuracy in its class. It is built in such manner that it would be possible to update the components and replace a nozzle or heating block. In case of application of newer version of electronics, it may be the base for construction of a MINI CNC MILLING MACHINE. Thanks to its light weight and special handle, it can be easily moved, which puts it in the leading position as regards 3D printers available on the market.

All components are made in line with ISO 9001:2008 standards and after assembly and calibration they are ready to use immediately after taking it out from the box (start time is approx. 20 minutes, which is required to check calibration, to warm up the head and the table and installation of software).

CB-printer printer consists of:

  • 3D CB-printer printer completely assembled and calibrated before dispatch
  • the frame and all elements of the printer are made of aluminium
  • nozzle 0.3 or 0.4 mm (option)
  • heating table with glass, work area 20 x 20 x 18 cm
  • electronics
  • illumination of the work area
  • a handle for easy transportation of the printer (useful at presentations or demonstrations at schools or universities)
  • adapter 110-230 V/12 V (the adapter is equipped with the circuit protecting the printer in case of voltage decay, and an emergency switch)
  • USB cable
  • spare heating resistor
  • software
  • 1 kg of ABS plastic 3 mm
  • dispatch on the territory of Poland included in the price
  • 12 months guarantee (heating resistor 3 months guarantee)
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